CSS Princess idea

CSS Princess is project with the main idea of promoting and supporting beautiful and interesting css sites made by women. We all know that female designers have special sensibility and creativity, and we want to show the best websites world-wide with “woman’s touch” primarily.

By that, we want to support women in designing and their contribution to global community, and also to motivate css design community to make internet even better and prettier place. But not only sites made by females can be listed in cssprincess gallery. We would also considered a good male designers.

How are we choosing web sites?

In cssprincess.com gallery you can find websites primarily done completely with css, without tables. Tables can be used only for tabular data. All websites must be visually rich and attractive. It’s required that all sites follow the cssprincess idea, which promotes woman’s touch in designing and use of light colors and symmetry.

Also it’s very important that your website has valid html code and css.


If you are a designer, and you think that your work can contribute to creating better cssprincess website gallerie, you can send us your work using our submission form. You can also recommend website using the same form.

All sites will be previously checked and only if we evaluate that they match cssprincess idea and specifications, they can be displayed in cssprincess gallery.